Living Big in a Tiny House

With the UK housing market in an unprecedented mini-boom, house prices are on a sharp rise and the competition to become a first-time homeowner is fierce. For those stuck renting, the prospect of owning a home can seem like a distant fantasy.

But what if you could fully own your own place for a fraction of the usual cost? 

This is rapidly becoming a reality for many, thanks to a new movement in the housing market. One that is small, yet powerful. And one that rejects our consumerist lifestyle in favour of a more respectful way of living.

Say hello to tiny homes. 

A Change In Consumer Behaviour

Dane Smith-Burchnell, founder of The Tiny Housing Co, noticed a shift in consumer behaviour as people turn away from flashy cars and 6-bed houses in favour of a more respectful lifestyle in smaller living spaces. 

Google searches for the term ‘tiny house’ have quadrupled in the last 6 years. Moreover, Covid has accelerated this change.  

The current circumstances has given people time to take stock and consider what’s really important in their lives,” explains Dane.

And his company has responded to changing lifestyle choices by providing affordable yet luxurious accommodation in the form of ‘tiny houses’. 

With prices starting at £52,999, it’s clear why Dane’s build slots have quickly been filled. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, downsizing, or in the market for a small rental holiday home, The Tiny Housing Co. has you covered with an awesome range of well-crafted and eco-friendly homes. 

Introducing The Tiny Housing Co.

They build pretty much what you’d expect. A tiny home. Perfect in its simplicity. 

But scratch below the surface and the possibilities are endless. “The main models can be customised to a degree when it comes to features like tiles, roofing and cladding,” explains Dane “You’re able to put your own stamp on your house.” 

If you have bigger plans in mind, the physical structure can be changed to suit your individual taste. Simply send the scribbles of your dream house, and Dane’s architect will bring your creation to life. 

Handing Grand Designs over to you, to create a bespoke design from the ground up. 

In keeping with the move towards a more sustainable way of living, the materials used to construct the houses are natural, sustainably sourced and non-toxic, aimed at future-proofing the tiny homes and their residents. 

And with claims for huge reductions in energy use, these houses could front another change towards minimising household energy consumption. 

“Some reports claim that residents notice a 90% reduction in energy consumption compared to the average UK home.”

Although each tiny home comes with solar panels as standard, you have the option to upgrade to the ‘Eco Package’ which includes a wood-burning stove connected to underfloor heating and super-efficient insulation. Plus, you’ll get 2000w extra solar panels, making it highly likely you’ll be able to run all your appliances from your own solar array. 

Where Can I Put My Tiny Home?

There lies one downside of tiny homes; where to put it. Dane revealed that the planning permission pack on his website is the most downloaded feature, suggesting that many people are in the same boat when it comes to finding space for the house. 

Not everyone is blessed with enough land to plonk their new home. And for those that have no land of their own, one solution is to band together with like-minded people and buy land in order to live communally.  

The latest being a group in Bristol who are working with the local council to push through their plans for a self-sufficient community, where they can live off the land in an inclusive environment. Check out their site plans here. 

“Some people prefer to live in a community for the sense of belonging; others just want to farm their land and live in isolation,” says Dane.

Whether completely off-grid or in a community, the popularity of these homes is set to soar as our lifestyles are stripped back to minimalist roots.

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