Meet Emma


My name’s Emma. I’m a Manchester-based Marketing Manager, and I’m here to talk about Sustainability.

Let’s rewind…

At University I studied Business, and that’s when I realised the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. But sadly, many organisations don’t actually give a shit about their impact on this beautiful Earth.

We need to change that.

The good news is that more companies are now beginning to tackle environmental issues, and profit is no longer the sole purpose behind corporations’ existence. Yes, some brands have jumped on the trend just to engage with ethical consumers — which isn’t a bad thing, but others are hiding behind greenwashing in an attempt to impress their less eco-savvy consumers.

Not cool.

The problem with sustainability is it’s an unbalanced equilibrium: for every small win, there’s a disaster somewhere else. The next decade will be pivotal in changing organisations’ perception of the world and their bottom line.

This blog won’t be all doom and gloom, promise. I want to explore the opportunities available to us like big data and AI, while celebrating success stories from companies all over the world who’ve stepped up their eco-game.

Psst. Need some help with your eco-marketing strategy? Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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