Living Big in a Tiny House

With the UK housing market in an unprecedented mini-boom, house prices are on a sharp rise and the competition to become a first-time homeowner is fierce. For those stuck renting, the prospect of owning a home can seem like a distant fantasy. But what if you could fully own your own place for a fractionContinue reading “Living Big in a Tiny House”

How Deux Mains are helping Haitian people out of poverty

Meet Julie Colombino-Billingham.  Founder ethical fashion brand Deux Mains, and NGO–REBUILD globally, she’s an entrepreneur and for all the right reasons.  In her efforts, Julie is successfully providing solutions to 2 problems; old tyres filling up landfill and those who’ve lost everything in the Haiti earthquake.  She’s an earthquake responder, she’s spoken at Ted XContinue reading “How Deux Mains are helping Haitian people out of poverty”

Wholegrain Digital takes the lead in Low Carbon Websites

The internet – powered by over 8 million vast data centres located all over the world – is a huge draw on resources.  One of the most polluting industries, it’s actually on a par with aviation for carbon emissions. And supplying these data centres with power consumes more electricity than the whole of the UKContinue reading “Wholegrain Digital takes the lead in Low Carbon Websites”

Circular Cities: lessons from Malmö, Sweden

What can we learn from one of the most sustainable cities in the world? You might be familiar with the circular economy, now it’s time to get acquainted with circular cities.  By 2050, two-thirds of us will live in cities. And these sprawling metropolises will contribute over 50% of global waste and consume 75% ofContinue reading “Circular Cities: lessons from Malmö, Sweden”

Google and WWF Sweden partnership marks new era for fashion sustainability

Fashion is underpinned by its supply chain. And transparency in the supply chain has become more important than ever, particularly as the environmental impact of the industry has come under fire in recent years.  But a promising new partnership between Google and WWF Sweden might set fashion on a new track, one that will enableContinue reading “Google and WWF Sweden partnership marks new era for fashion sustainability”

A race for the skies: sustainable air travel

Covid-19 has brought the aviation industry to its knees.  In fact, some experts predict that the industry won’t return to its 2019 prosperity until 2026. This blow comes after airlines have come under sustained attack from flight-shaming activists, a trend that has gained popularity around the world in recent years. While the UK government hasContinue reading “A race for the skies: sustainable air travel”

Will the world’s palm oil problem ever be solved?

And why ‘palm oil free’ is nothing to brag about. Say hello to Elaeis guineensis, aka the fruit of the palm oil tree — one of the most yielding and destructive crops in the world. And we, as a human race, are addicted to the stuff. 3 billion people use palm oil products every single day — oftenContinue reading “Will the world’s palm oil problem ever be solved?”

The future of farming: regenerative agriculture

What does it mean for our livelihood? The impact of our diet on the environment has become a hot topic recently. Veganism is at an all-time high, supermarkets are starting to tackle food waste and plastic packaging has stepped into the firing line. But what about where all this food comes from? The global impactContinue reading “The future of farming: regenerative agriculture”

The dark side of data: understanding the environmental impact

Data: an invaluable resource Data is undoubtedly playing a vital role in how humans and technology manage climate change and its impact. Each organisational process can exploit data to improve all aspects of business function. From supply chain management to operational efficiency, the potential gains are huge. Take Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli, for example. WorkingContinue reading “The dark side of data: understanding the environmental impact”

Eco-anxiety or numbness: how the media is impacting our environmental view

We’ve all read them – alarmist news stories about climate change. How humans are  destroying the planet and how we’re running out of time to undo our catastrophe-causing actions. This powerful language is purposely used in order to evoke a reaction in the reader. But there are two ways this reaction can go. Feeding Eco-Anxiety Continue reading “Eco-anxiety or numbness: how the media is impacting our environmental view”